Matrix-Q Technology

Mini-SaaS Applications (Software as a service): Our customers purchase a license and we tailor-made content of the applications for them.


  • Human Inclusive: Our data-driven applications work hand-to-heart with Matrix-Q Specialist (human competencies trained). We provide capacity building to your human consultants.
  • Human Typology DNA knowledge
  • Human-enhancement-driven (we measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize human capacity)
  • Matrix-Q DNA generator
  • Holistic thinking
  • Inclusive design: gender diversity
  • Gamification ready: learn-play, impact-play, earn-play, work-life balance play, lifestyle-play
  • Data-driven holistic learning methodology, ideal for capacity building
  • Human Capital Valuation reports based on human (users) performance (9 Capitals/Resources of holistic capitalism framework) ideal for start-ups, C-Level capacity & performance valuation.
  • Assisted by Matrix-Q A.I. Engine
  • OMICRON Program included: Data generation for Matrix-Q A.I. Trusted Advisor Engine & Service. Decision-making support: self-assessment of capacity (status), learning needs, blindspots, prediction of challenges, strategic alternatives