Matrix-Q Technology

Why Matrix-Q Technology is Human Inclusive?


Let's start our story in a time in which technology was looking at its future. Great wonders were visions of creative and ingenious people. Automation came after mechanization and mass production. The original design principles were simple: Observe human patterns of behavior in order to automate them and then exclude them. The modern civilization has continued its evolutions based on these principles, that exclude humans.


There is a great debate at the moment around this question. Also considering that in the last 300 years with the last 4 industrial revolutions, linear thinking has misguided leaders, researchers, technologies, investors, governments; creating as an outcome the extinction of millions of species, resource depletion, waste, climate change, loss of valuable cultural and natural heritage, and human inequalities.

On the other side of the story, we have globally an agreement that the Antropoceno is taking place.

If you think about the last 4.6 billion years of the earth's planet history, scaled to 46 years, humans have been here no longer than 1 min, and already 80% of the original forest have disappeared.

The human species does not seem to be beneficial or contribute positively to the life systems of our planet.

Then why include humans?


Our world is changing.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem, thanks to the multidisciplinary research of our founder, 27+ years, Matrix-Q Research Institute, is implementing through the Matrix-Q Games a new economy that is holistic and follows quantum principles.

Two keys are here important: "Holistic" & "Quantum".

You will learn more about both keywords, practically while playing the Matrix-Q Games.

For a holistic economy, the perception of value is essential. What means holistic value? or Holistic wealth?

It means that you perceive, create, cultivate, develop value in all areas of your life, as an individual, family, community, or nation, or globally as a human species.

The capacity of the generation of holistic wealth is essential for sustainable holistic growth.

In this context, technology and automation play a role of 9/729 of relevance. It means that technology and automation will contribute with no more than 9/729 of the impact streams necessary for the generation of holistic wealth. Why? Because so far technology has been displacing humans and therefore is not evolving with humans together. This limitation creates a dilemma in the future.

The world as we know it, passing through the outcomes of climate change, will undergo times of constant change, increasing uncertainty, complexity, and very ambiguous scenarios.

In this context, the traditional technology, that displaces humans, will not contribute to the change humans need to experience, and be drivers of, if meant to adapt themselves to the challenges and opportunities.

Holistic and quantum technology that is human-inclusive will contribute to the change, as for being capable of constant change itself.


The human capacity of adaptation, change, creativity and learning is probably the greatest value the human species has as a resource to face the challenges and disruptions to be experienced in the following 100+ years

A holistic understanding of human competencies will give you clarity on the complexity and beauty of the human challenge, as well as of human trends, by time and geography, dilemmas, barriers, potential, blindspots, capacity, and skills.

For example, human emotions, have not yet been properly integrated with the education of children. If used technically, with a methodology, and skills training, human of our new civilization will use emotions to enhance their management of time, making better decisions, learning, caring for their own health, improving relationships, and having a more happy, healthy, and joyful life; develop collective intelligence, a self-aware and conscious culture, and intelligence organizations. Emotions are essential in this time for humanity to do the next step towards a civilization that is empathetic, and sensitive to both nature and humans.

Human emotions are only one example. Human emotions will also represent 81/729 influence on the destiny of humanity. You will learn at the Matrix-Q Games how to activate 729/729 of your holistic human and organizational potential, with the Matrix-Q Knowledge, skills, technology, methodology, algorithms, data you will activate for yourself and for your company along with playing the Matrix-Q Games.

In general, there are human competencies that can not be replaced by artificial intelligence, data, technology, automation, or algorithms, that today and in the immediate future, will be essential for the human species to find a pathway, and create together the acceleration of our planet back to a sustainable future, by addressing global, local and social pressing issues, by evolving as a civilization, enabling a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies.

In conclusion, in this context, our founder decided to create technology utilizing design principles that are human-inclusive.


First of all, the Matrix-Q Technology is designed based on the understanding that human life is holistic, and human interacts with a living system, creating outcomes for which humans need to be accountable.

We also consider that humans evolve, and are in a constant process of change, developing new abilities, acquiring knowledge, skills, new mindsets, and lifestyles.

For example: When Matrix-Q Coaches utilize the Matrix-Q Smart Applications for assessment of capacity, do both analyze the data generated by our tools, as well as interact empathetically with the customers/players, generating their own human-based data. Both the automated data and human-based data will be utilized later for a final assessment report. This process is unique. As we also match the coach-trainer DNA with that one of the user/player, to optimize the management of the collaboration process and reach an a more effective outcome. As you will experience by playing the Matrix-Q Games, our human-inclusive approach is possible only if we include humans, and if humans learn the same language utilized by our technology, the Matrix-Q Language and methodology. For this reason at the Matrix-Q Games, all players learn-play to acquire Matrix-Q certificates, licenses and labels.


We are certainly far from creating worldwide any REAL Artificial intelligence, we can't at the moment do more than emulate intelligence, in general. While it is deceiving for the human perception that technology responds so quickly to tasks and challenges, so for our human experience, it "feels like" if technology would be thinking, or intelligently responding to human users, but that is not the case.

Also, technology is too far from utilizing human emotions, as facial recognition does superficial generalization of human emotion. Emotions and body expressions vary from culture to culture.

It is also not true that technology would ever feel as a human does.

Certainly, there are projects for biological computing in which human tissue will be used. As humans are the most advanced technology (regarding processing, computing, holistic data), that we are aware of, or that has been publically studied on our planet.

In the case of technology, there is always the next step. So it is for science. And, also for humans, as there is always space and opportunity for improvement. And given the dilemma our species has created by itself in the earth planet, we probably

The Matrix-Q Technology is Human Inclusive

Matrix-Q Technology, Data & Algorithms is not binary, as humans are not binary either.

We utilize nonary design principles that match better the human holistic nature.

At the Matrix-Q Research Institute and also at the Matrix-Q Games Level 06 CODING, we design, develop, test, and implement smart applications, data-generation, and analysis tools, SaaS, e-games, and A.I.

Matrix-Q Game Players learn to utilize the Matrix-Q Technology, data, and algorithms. As well as learn how to properly use the Matrix-Q data-analysis and thinking tools. Step-by-step Matrix-Q Game players learn the Matrix-Q Language and how to properly utilize the Matrix-Q Technology. This is the point in which "the human" starts bringing technology to its next level of positive impact.

The bridge of communication, collaboration, and co-creativity created between humans and technology are created by the Matrix-Q Knowledge & Skills, acquired by the Matrix-Q Game Players. Another important reason why the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, utilizes exclusively Matrix-Q Technology, data, and algorithms.